Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[TuT] Infinite Trials [TimeStopper]

That being said, today I will show you how to use Timestopper to give you infinite trial periods for programs.

1) First we are going to need to download Timestopper, Download it HERE

2) Open the program, and choose which program you want to extend the trial on. (Ex) Kaspersky.exe

3) After choosing which program, you will need to choose an end date for your trial, you can make it whatever you want. (Ex) 12/30/2012

4) Now it will ask you to make a shortcut to the new extended trial program, so put the shortcut where most convenient.

5) Lastly, open the ORIGINAL shortcut to the program and see if it shows the amount of days left, hopefully the days remaining has been changed. If the amount of days left has changed, make sure to use the shortcut that you made in step 4 to open it from now on out.



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