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Downing a site

Welcome to this tutorial, it's a Noob friendly tutorial about downing a site. I'll explain how everything works and how you can down a site!

The first thing i gonna talk about is a DoS.
DoS stands for Denial of Service.
A DoS is an attempt to make a computer or network resource unavailable to its intended users.

There are many programs, that you can find on Hackforums to DoS somebody. 
In the section Hacking Tools and Programs you can search and you'll sure find a nice program.

DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service.
To explain it in a couple words, a DDoS is the same as a DoS. 
But with a DoS you are the one attack. DDoS'ing is shells around the world attacking. 

To get started: Getting the IP of a Website
To attack a website you need the IP adress. There are many ways to get them, but i'll explain a really simple one.

Go to start, typ in "CMD" and press enter.
After that typ in "ping". 
And press enter again, then you'll get the site IP.

[Image: thisisagayfuckingscreen.png]
So now we know, the IP of hackforums is! :D

Because we can't down, i'll take as example.

You need a Booter to DDoS a site. Sorry that i need to say but i almost don't know anything about a booter. so i'll just what what i'm gonna to do.
I use the booter "Stress-Booter" its a PHP-Based booter.

What we need, is the IP of the site, the lenght of the DDoS in seconds and the port.
PORT: 80 (This is almost everything 80!)
Seconds: 200 (You can take another second to.)

I click 'boot' and wait until the boot is done.

[Image: scaled.php?server=684&filename=s...res=medium]

And you've downed a populair site! If you got any questions, just ask it!


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