Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Basics of Hacking 101

Are you sure you want to hack?
First things first.
Do a background check of yourself, to tell whether really wanted to hack, or you just want to go to jail for some reasons.

First of all, you must have some basic knowledge about a computer. Upon reading this, you just passed the first test. Next, you should also be patient, for if not, you won't get anywhere. Next, you should have the "heart" or passion to hack, because as stupid as it sounds, if you don't have it, you won't make it to the finish line.

Now, if you passed the first test, you're 1% closer to your goal to be a hacker. Next, this is the special part because you're on HackForums, which can be considered the largest forums for hacking and the likes. You should know how to speak PROPER andDECENT English, because you won't be able to connect with properly with the cyberworld if you don't know your grammars, as simple as they could be. Next, if you're new here, you should learn your manners, but don't let yourself get trampled on by others. First, read the Help Documents for the Rules and Regulations, so as not to be banned early. Then, it's okay to ASK questions, but make sure they are SPECIFIC and makes sense, even if The Lounge is created for general purposes. Next, as a new member, you should learn to absorb GOOD info from bad ones, which usually come from trolls/skids. You'll notice not everyone here is friendly, not everyone is as good as a REAL hacker should be, and not every VIP member here is as respected as they should be, many of them just paid for the membership but still, they are trolls, so be observative. Next is, you must also be fine with the rule "Learn by yourself". Of course, not literally, because we help each other here, but not to the extent of having a 1-on-1 tutorial. Mentors DO exist here, but they seldom take apprentices 1-on-1 because the don't have much time, plus the fact that they live in different time zones. Lastly, if you are a new member, this is the most important thing, DO NOT FORGET THOSE WHO HELPED YOU, and LEARN TO SAY THANKS OR SHOW APPRECIATION OR GIVE CREDIT TO THEM.

What is Hacking?
Let's make it simple as it can be. You watch movies and you hear news about hacking as a criminal thing to do, right? Well, the world idea about hacking nowadays is not really true, so let's redefine it again. Hacking, according to it's earliest definitions, is the Art of Exploitation. In more simple terms, when you hack, you take advantage of vulnerabilities/weaknesses of a software/hardware/peopleware. Hacking is NOT JUST about breaking into a server, stealing information, controlling things like traffic systems, tracking people via GPS, etc.; but it's more like a discipline. True hackers, whatever their specialization is, have different principles in life that is connected on their chosen profession. They DO break the laws most of the times, but that's because they are curious on how far they can go, or what kind of things they can do with their skills, and usually, the "money-making" is just a side dish of it, because HACKING IS A LEGAL PROFESSION, and they're still humans which needs food to survive.

How to Become a Hacker?
This is what new members always ask. "How do I become a good hacker?", "How do I hack these...", "What do I need to become a hacker?". These are just few of the thousand questions a newbie would ask.

If you're a newbie, and you're reading this, I got a starting tip for you.
Don't act like you don't even know how to type a word.

One of the first starting tips to be a "good" hacker, because you can't be a GREAT hacker when you didn't passed the GOOD status, is to have the ATTITUDE. If you're new, don't act STUPID, yet don't act like you know everything even if you don't.
Setting Goals

Now, to be a hacker, the first thing you need to do is set some GOALS. Goals will guide you through your journey here in the cyberworld. I also have a tip in making goals: DO NOT RUSH. You won't get any progress if you think that you can be the world's best hacker overnight. You also might want to think of what do you really want to learn first, or what do you want to be as a hacker.
Types of Hackers

Speaking of that, I'm gonna discuss a little bit of what type of hackers exists, so that you can decide what you want to be, although you can really switch anytime you like.

The first is the Black Hats.
Black Hats are hackers who do "illegal" stuffs with their skills. They are usually the one's who steal information for certain purposes. Nowadays, being a black hat is not that EASY anymore, unless you have the guts to do it. Back in the days, the black hats we're able to do MORE because the police still doesn't have the right equipment to match the skills of our black hat fellows. Many black hats usually hack for money to sustain themselves and their activities, but today, you'll need to take extra precautions so as not to be caught. That's why black hats are now turning into our next type of hacker.

So, to balance the cyberworld after the black hats was publicly known, the White Hats emerged.

areLEGALLY paid by companies or individuals who hire them for their services.

Lastly, there is a third category, which is most probably one with the highest population 
nowadays, the Gray Hats.
A combination of the two categories above, these type of hackers might be the trending type nowadays, because the hacker culture have grown so much complicated, that being a black hat or a white is not enough anymore. They do steal information for some reasons, but usually for money. But they also help those who are victims of their fellow hackers, which places them on the side of white hats.

After setting your goals, and you have determined what you want to be, or what you really want to do, and you're really sure you want to learn the Art, let's have a start on your journey.


So, let's start with this one. Firstly, you should be able to identify your resources first. Hacker's common mistakes is that they want to do a "hack", but now knowingly, they don't have the resources for it.

As a hacker, you should know your computer well, because it is the most important resource for all hackers. You should be able to know it's limitations, so as not to totally mess it up. Also, you should have a basic concept on how a computer works, even if it's just very basic like "Input -> Process -> Output -> Storage" type of concepts, because it's good to have background first on the general, before diving to deeper parts of hacking.

Also, as a hacker, you must learn to SEARCH for your resources.

Many new members always ASK first without even searching, because I myself did it when I was a new member. You must learn to search because it's in searching that you develop one of your skill, to sort out bad info from good ones, which you will need if your need to Dox someone. (Dox is like "profiling" someone, say for example, a target of yours. It will be discussed on another tutorial I will make, or you can take a look around HF by using Search)

 Under certain circumstances, you will need, say for example, tools which are high-quality, you will have to pay for it. Just a word of advice, as a new member, even if you have money, don't buy things yet here, except the VIP Upgrade to be L33t or Ub3r, because you'll learn that everything you need CAN STILL BE FREE, but just not as good as paid ones.

A hacker won't survive in the cyber-world if he doesn't have the sufficient skills to do it. It's not included in the earlier test, because even a noob can be a great hacker if he has the passion and determination to learn.

There are many skills a hacker should have, but I will discuss two of the important skills you must have as a new hacker.

One is you have to train your Social Engineering skills. Social engineering, or SE for short, is simply defined as the Art of Human Manipulation, or human hacking in more simple terms. In hacking, lying/faking/spoofing is ALLOWED. It is one of the basic skills you will need, especially when you are targeting accounts for their information. Furthermore, as a side dish of this topic, you'll learn thatMANY, if not everything, in the Internet is fake, or just a part of social engineering for a hack or exploit.

Another skill you must have is coding. This is one of the hardest skill that you MUST acquire as a hacker, because it requires time, effort, patience, and perseverance. But, once you get good in coding, you're as much as close to be a great hacker before you know it. Coding is the skill in which you learn to "code" or create your own program using various languages like the C Family (C, C++, C#), Java, Phyton, and many more. Upon learning this skill, you don't just learn coding, you improve even yourself, because it improves logical thinking, patience, and not to mention your creativity when designing your programs. Also, if you're a coder, you would be know for your programs, especially if they are high-quality. Many coders nowadays prefer not to hack, but just to code the tools used for hacking because they still earn for their programs, PLUS it's legal.

As of now, this is all you need to start in hacking. If you passed through this tutorial, you're one step closer to be a good hacker, because you got patience to read it.


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