Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[MacOSX ] BlackHole RAT priv8 RAT

‘BlackHole RAT’ is the latest remote administration tool (RAT) and is available both in Windows and Mac.

Hacktool such RAT employs client-server program that communicates to its victim’s machine through its trojan server. The server application is installed on the victim while the client application is on the managing side.
The version suggest that ‘BlackHole’ is currently in its early stage. However, the author seems to start showcasing the following functionalities:

* Remote execution of shell commands.
* Opens webpage using user’s default browser.
* Sends a message which is displayed on the victims screen.
* Creates a text file.
* It is capable to perform shutdown, restart and sleep operation.
* It is capable to request for admin privileges.


if anyone still has this i will veryfucking much appreciate a dl you can upload again on mediafire or something, if u are really in nned of money i could pay like 2-4 dollars for this on paypal. my email is btw

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